Supplying Seed to Seeding Victoria

Collecting seed is enjoyable and can be profitable too

There is a genuine enjoyment gained from being out in nature, observing, learning and collecting seed.  It is not without its challenges: knowing when the seed will be exactly ripe, choosing a time of day when it's not too hot in summertime and finding good specimens.  .


Selling Seed to Seeding Victoria Inc.

Seeding Victoria supplies indigenous provenance based seed from our service area together with specialist agroforestry species.We buy some seed directly from collectors for projects each year. In addition to this the seed bank accepts seed from collectors on a consignment basis. Any collector supplying seed for sale through Seeding Victoria Inc must ensure that they abide by the following supply requirements:

  1. New collectors need to complete the New Collectors Details Form.  Download the form here.
  2. All collectors supplying seed to the seedbank are to abide by the FloraBank Seed Collection Guidelines - environmental & ethical considerations (
  3. Ensure you have the appropriate permission from the land manager & if applicable, the relevant permit. If in doubt contact your local DELWP Flora & Fauna staff (customer service centre 136 186)
  4. Ensure positive plant identification - bring in leaves, bark, buds & pods with your seed or photos.
  5. Provide a completed field data sheet - which gives information about the seed that you have collected (contact us for a copy prior to collection or download the form here).
  6. Collectors are responsible for their own insurances, OH&S and permits. The seed bank does not employ or contract collectors.
  7. Seed will be subject to germination testing to ensure its suitability for sale.
  8. A delivery docket should be supplied with each delivery of seed regardless of whether it is posted or hand delivered to the seed bank. Download delivery docket form here.

If you are interested in supplying seed please contact us for an information package.

Please ensure that you contact us and make an appointment prior to delivery of seed.


Consignment seed sales

Seed may be placed in the Seed Bank to be sold on behalf of the collector. Collectors are then paid twice a year in January and July for any seed sold during the previous six months.

A 30% commission is deducted from this payment to cover the seed banks cost in storing, insuring, advertising and managing your seed prior to its sale.


Expression of Interest for project supply

We have a more formal process of supply which is directly into the projects which we manage on behalf of other clients. In October/November each year we put together an expression of interest process calling for supply of our major projects over the next year. Seed is also drawn from our consignment stocks to fill these projects.

If you are interested in this process we will post more details on this site in September each year.


ABN or Hobbyist

We have a range of collectors who supply seed to the seed bank. You may be collecting a small amount of seed in a hobbyist capacity, or alternatively you may be registered for GST and have an ABN.

When you first bring in seed to the seed bank you will need to complete a supplier statement if you are not quoting an ABN.

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