Training & Services

Training Workshops

Seeding Victoria staff deliver training in relation to seed collection, storage, propogation, germination testing and direct seeding. We can tailor a day to your specific groups requirements. 

If you are interested in training either for yourself or your group please contact us with your request. If there is sufficient interest in a topic we will endeavour to meet your needs.

You can also email your details and let us know the type of training you are interested in and we will then notify you of any upcoming events which may be suitable.

We offer training where we organise everything (venue, catering, field destinations, registrations) and also where we just turn up and run the training workshop.  Please enquire about costs for each of these options.

Training workshop

Informal training days

We run a number of one day workshops each year to give groups an introduction to seed collection and species identification. These can be run on site at the seed bank or in your local area.

Further information

Email your expression of interest, or for more details to


Cleaning Service

The seed bank has an on site seed cleaning room. This is set up with a full range of sieves, vacuum boxes and seed cleaning machinery. Landcare groups and collectors who are bringing seed into the seed bank are able to use these facilities free of charge. We ask that you contact us prior to arrival to ensure that the seed cleaning room is available at the time you wish to be here. All sieves and equipment are to be cleaned after use and any seed trash should be taken with you.

If you require the seed bank to clean seed for you this can be organised on a fee for service basis.

Vac box


Seed pre-treatment service

Seed bank staff will pretreat your acacia seed prior to delivery on a fee for service basis. The seed is heat and smoke water treated, dried and repacked for delivery. It can be stored for several months post this treatment with no apparent detriment to seed germination.

Seed pre-treatment prepSee pre-treatment














Germination testing services

The seed bank conducts routine germination testing on the majority of seed sold through the seed bank. We are able to conduct further testing on a fee for service basis to ascertain the following:

  • Seed quality analysis
  • Seed counts
  • Seed germination rates

A comprehensive data base of germination rates for the species commonly utilised in revegetation work throughout the seedbank service area is maintained by the seed bank.

Germination testing


Direct Seeding Contractor Services and Project co-ordination

The seedbank is able to co-ordinate your direct seeding projects. We have several contractors who work with us to undertake on ground works projects throughout our service area.

Services include, site preparation and spraying, ripping and direct seeding. We can organise to co-ordinate all aspects of your direct seeding project.

Please contact our office and we can provide you with full details of the costs of these various services.

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