National Resources Conservation Trust and Cassinia Environmental

We at Seeding Victoria are delighted to announce that we will be working alongside Cassinia Environmental to deliver an exciting new multi-year project funded by the Natural Resources Conservation Trust to strengthen our native seed industry by building capacity for the community-led collection of seed.

The NRCT is one of the oldest organisations involved in the conservation of Victoria’s environment and ecosystems, and we are very privileged to now be associated and look forward to updating you all as we help deliver the “Greening the environment one seed at a time” project. 

Funding from the NRCT will support Seeding Victoria with:

  • A Seedbank Revolving Fund that incentivises seed collectors through providing part payment for the seed they collect up-front;
  • The delivery of a series of Seed Collection Training Workshops for new seed collectors coming into the industry; and
  • A Seed Collectors Starter Pack (equipment) to enable those new to the industry to start collecting seed immediately.

Thank you to the NRCT for this wonderful opportunity to reinvigorate our wonderful community, and excited to continue building our relationship with our long-time associates, Cassinia Environmental.

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