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Seeding Victoria Seed BankSeeding Victoria Inc. was established in 1994 at the Victorian Landcare Centre, Creswick. With many years experience in the seed industry the organisation has consistently demonstrated its ability to deliver appropriately sourced indigenous seed for re-vegetation works throughout the seed bank service area.

In February 2009 the organisation changed its name from the Ballarat Regional Seed Bank to Seeding Victoria Inc. to encompass the wider role the organisation undertakes to support seed supply.

The organsiation provides seed for much of central, south west and western Victoria with seed banks and seed supply for Corangamite, North Central, Wimmera, Upper Glenelg Hopkins, and the Werribee Catchment through our Creswick, Swan Hill and Wimmera locations.

Please email or call and talk to us about your needs for indigenous seed, or your interest in supplying us with indigenous seed.

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Seeding Victoria Inc