Buy Seed from the Seeding Victoria Seed Bank

Seed banks from across Victoria have been consolidated at the Seeding Victoria seed bank at Creswick.  However, we are still operating separate catalogues until these too are consolidated.  They can be accessed below.

Seed from any of these seedbanks can be ordered by  email or telephone through our office in Creswick. Have an enquiry? Email us

What is indigenous seed?  How local is local?  Direct seeding or planting?  Get answers to these questions on our General Seed Information page.


Ballarat Region Seed Bank

Main catalogue - map search

Main catalogue - listing

Wimmera Seed Bank

Catalogue - map search

Catalogue listing

Murray Mallee Seed Bank

Catalogue - map search

Catalogue listing


If you require seed from regions covered by other Seedbanks you should contact them directly. 


How to buy seed from Seeding Victoria Inc

  • You can order seed by phone or email us with a seed order form.
  • Catalogues are live on our website
  • Your seed order should specify the following - batch number of seed lot - species & provenance required - quantity in grams - name & mailing address - contact details - phone or email.
  • Orders to be placed at least 48hrs prior to dispatch.
  • Species maybe added to or removed from the catalogue without notification.
Seed Supply Standard

"Seed supplied is extracted from fruit, in the case of Eucalyptus species, chaff is not removed. Further cleaning of seed on a ‘graded’ basis can be arranged at the cost of the client. Seed is not subject to any pre-germination treatment unless by arrangement. Not all seed has been viability or germination tested and is dispatched without such information & cannot be guaranteed. Germination or viability testing can be arranged upon request at client cost (time required 4 to 8 weeks, species dependent). General provenance / location details are supplied per seed batch, further information may be available upon request. Any anomalies pertaining to supply of a particular seed lot should be reported to the Seed Bank within 7 days of supply. Please advise of any problems experienced in the growing of seed batches."


More information about purchasing seed through Seeding Victoria


  • Prices may be subject to change without notification.
  • Prices do not include GST.
  • Postage and handling charges are applicable & are dependent upon the weight & destination.
  • All seed lots are subject to a handling fee of $5.00 per batch (plus GST)


  • Payment may be made by cheque or money order. Cash payments can be made at the Seed Bank.
  • Credit card facilities are not available.
  • Cheques and money orders payable to "Seeding Victoria Inc".
  • Account payment is to be made with 14 days unless other arrangements have been negotiated.
  • Direct Deposit available

Other Information

  • Ownership and responsibility for seed passes to the purchaser when seed is dispatched from this office.
  • All orders will be dispatched by surface mail unless otherwise requested.
  • Seed sold through Seeding Victoria Inc is not suitable for export.
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