Seed in the Wimmera

Wimmera Region Seedbank

The Wimmera Region Seedbank is an initiative of the Wimmera Catchment Management Authority and Seeding Victoria Inc to create quality controlled catchment wide seed supply for all revegetation works across the Wimmera. The seedbank will be managed by Seeding Victoria Inc. This joint venture will enable seed to be sourced, tested and stored to meet seed needs in future periods when the current climatic conditions often mean that seed is not produced on a regular basis.

We are committed to working closely with all stakeholders in the region to ensure that the local needs in relation to seed supply are met. If you have projects in your region which require seed please contact our office.

Supplying Seed to the Wimmera Region Seedbank

Seed collectors wishing to supply seed to the Seedbank by depositing seed to the seedbank on consigment.

Seed on consignment is placed on to our general sale catalogue, and twice yearly in July and January payments are made to collectors for the seed sold on their behalf in the preceeding period. 

All seed provided to the seedbank must be accompanied by a delivery docket and field data sheets must be supplied for each batch.  You should familiarise yourself wth the standards which Seeding Victoria operates with in relation to the quality control, germination testing, cleanliness and genetic diversity of seedlots prior to collecting seed.  Seed which is not of a suitable standard or quality will not be accepted by the seed bank.

Please note that there are seed cleaning facilities available at the seed bank.  Should the seedbank need to clean seed further a seed cleaning fee will be charged and deducted from the purchase price of seed.

Wimmera Region Seedbank Field Data Sheet

Seed Delivery Docket

Seeding Victoria Inc