Murray Mallee Seedbank

Future Directions & Possibilities

The Seed Bank project demonstrates strong community involvement and dedicated commitment by individuals and organisations who perceive the way to address long-term sustainability of our natural environment and biodiversity is through ensuring access to quality local native seed and plant material.

Our future potential and possibilities are limited only by our imagination.

Advancements for this Seed Bank include:

  • On-site germination testing of seed lots to ensure viability
  • Plant nursery & seedling propagation area
  • Seed Production Areas throughout our collection region
  • Increased cold seed storage areas
  • Increase in partnerships with other agencies
  • Increase in seed supply and sales
  • Improved facilities for administration, staff and seed cleaning
  • Increased range of commercial services available: assessments of potential sites for revegetation, direct seeding, planting & plant maintenance, seed cleaning, seed testing.

Reliable and consistent funding, partnerships and community engagement are vital to the Seed Bank being able to maintain this important service, and to continually improve and expand upon our abilities.

Seeding Victoria Inc