Seeding Victoria Seedbanks

Ballarat Region Seed Bank

Ballarat Region SeedbankThe Seed Bank was originally established with the mission to ensure that there was supply of provenance based seed for revegetation projects in the Ballarat and surrounding regions. Since then Ballarat Region Seed Bank has developed ongoing relationships with research organisations to continually update and disseminate our collective knowledge of seed related matters...[Discover more]

Murray Mallee Seedbank

Swan Hill Region SeedbankThe Murray Mallee Seedbank is a not for profit, community based organisation which was established to preserve and trade in native seed.  Formerly the Swan Hill Regional Seed Bank it became a part of the Seeding Victoria organisation in 2009. The seed bank works with a range of collectors to gather native seed which is then sold on a consignment basis to various interested parties...[Discover more]

Wimmera Region Seedbank

The Wimmera Region Seedbank is an initiative of the Wimmera Catchment Management Authority and the Ballarat Region Seed Bank Inc to create a quality controlled catchment wide seed supply for all revegetation works across the Wimmera...[DIscover more]

Other Seedbanks

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